1st Bangor Art Society ZOOM Meeting of 2021!

1st Bangor Art Society
ZOOM Meeting of 2021!
Featuring Artist Gabriela Maya
Tuesday, January 26th 6:00 PM EST

This will be a 1st for Bangor Art Society…Our 146th year KICK OFF with an International ARTIST!
I met Senora Gaby 4 years ago at a “Comic Book” Conference in San Diego, CA. She lives in Mexico City, Mexico. Ms. Maya is a well know artist for her “Gaby Cat” animation drawings and paintings, but she is best known for her work with bringing & teaching the art of animation and introducing the Japanese “Manga” drawing process to Mexico. With the global technology of Facebook, Gabriela and I have managed to stay connected. I am proud to announce that Gabriela Maya will rock this exhilarating 2021 with her international art expertise as the Bangor Art Society’s Inaugural speaker!
Make sure you ZOOM in with a sketchbook and drawing/painting implements of your choice. She will talk, we will view a video and then create! This will get us all off to a rocking new year!. .