Happy 146th Year BAS!

New year time to reflect on the past year and to express gratitude for our 146th year. BAS pivoted and made progress through the pandemic! Thank you all for submitting art and attending our meetings via ZOOM and all exhibits!
I am grateful for each and every one of you BAS Members!
Grateful to your BAS Executive committee:
Helena Bosse, VP
Janice Janostack, Treasurer
Peg Hanson, Secretary
Rose White, Membership
Karen Baron, Historian
Alison Dibble, Member at large
Nancy Tang, Web Mistress
Jennifer de Lannee, volunteer member

There are two committee seats available currently and I encourage you all to volunteer! This is a great opportunity to expand leadership experience! Contact me or any member above if you are open to joining Executive committee. Remember officer elections are in May, 2021.
Grateful to James Toothacker, Scholarship Director and Lynn Higgins, Book keeper., Josh Gass, Bangor Arts Exchange, Lee Umphrey, CEO EMDC.
Asking for all to share BAS activities with all your artist friends and patrons!!! Ask them to check us out on social media and website!
Anyone who recruits 3 new BAS members will receive a free membership for 2021!
Executive committee voted to increase BAS Membership cost to $45 beginning Jan 2021.
Everyone who renewed this past fall is grandfathered into this new year!

Thank you! See you at the meeting on the 26th!
Teddi-Jann Covell