Bangor Art Society – Open Juried Show 2021

Bangor Art Society – Open Juried Show 2021

Awards Night Participants: Karen Baron (2nd place watercolors),Lee Umphrey(EMDC CEO), Samantha Bullard(Best of Show), Ariana Swann (2nd place oils/acrylics), Teddi-Jann Covell (President BAS), Michael Vermette(1st Place oils/acrylics)

Thank you to each and every artist who participated in the Bangor Art Society’s 2021 Open Juried Show! Without the talents of you the artist, we would not have the BEST Art Exhibit in the State of Maine!!! Bangor Art Society is appreciative of our host the Eastern Maine Development Corporation, (the 2 year in a row-during the pandemic) and all the staff Kristen and Jeff McCue and their CEO, Lee Umphrey! Hopefully, our work has created joy to the office space! We love being with great people.

Many thanks to our judge Mr. Roy Germon Gallery manager of Greenhut Galleries in Portland. His expertise and art experience was greatly appreciated! Mr. Germon’s comments on each piece will be in parenthesis, below.
We had 68 artists participate with 124 pieces of art work. This is a huge accomplishment during these challenging times. Your Bangor Art Society awarded $3400 of cash prizes to 16 artists. This is THE LARGEST award amount in the state of Maine by a non-profit organization.

The list of awards are as follows:
Best of Show: Samantha Bullard: “A Year In Maine”, Acrylic. (A  totally different perspective & great visualization of information)

1st: Peggy Clark Lumpkins, “Shirley Poppy”, oil,(Lovely paint handling & pattern)
2nd: Ariana Rastelli Swann, “Miles To Go”, oil, (Strong painting & composition)
3rd: Anne Dubois: “Listening”, oil, (Wonderfully inventive &strong)
Hon Men: Scott Schulman: “Lotus”, oil, (Nicely observed details)

1st: Michael vermette:, “Allagash rangers Shooting Cahse Rapids” (Great control of medium, ambitious)
2nd: Karen baron: “Deer Isle Sunset”, (Good sense of time of day-Gradient)
3rd: Margery Schuler: “Untitled #2”, (Nice sense of light)

1st: John LeBlanc, “Monhegan Overlook”, oli pastel, (Great Color Staory, love the stylization of marks)
2nd: Carolyn Wallace-Zani: “Pinecone Study 2”, graphite, (good observation & control)
3rd: Nancy Culver: “The Last Wave”, pastel, (very nice sense of light)

1st: Don Powers: “Resting & Rusting”, (Amazing textures)
2nd: Wayne Walker: “Bottles”, (Strong composition)
3rd: Don Powers: “Bass Harbor Head Light”, (Nice allocation to the rock formsin a classic Maine momnet)

1st: Rachel K. Murphy, “Brice the Behemoth”, wood block print,(Love the balance of light 7 dark & pattern)
2nd: John Taner: “Sisyphus”, mixed media, (Dynamic-good sense of materials)
3rd: Renate Klein: “Vanishing Wildflowers #2”, Intaglio print on hand made paper, (Lovely detail & overall composition)

END of Show Pickup Date: JUNE 1st, 9-5:00 PM
Thank you!

Zoom Meeting Tuesday, March 23rd, 2021

Zoom Meeting Tuesday, March 23rd, 2021

Hope you all are “Creatively Lucky” and Healthy! Our regular meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, March 23 at 7:00 PM
We have invited the talented artist Abigail Gray Swartz of Gray Day Studios to be our guest speaker. Her art has been featured on the cover of The New Yorker Magazine and other publications. She is an illustrator and painter. Above is an example of her cover artwork!


Also, we will discuss the Open Juried show 2021!
And Paint out aboard Linda Greenlaw’s ship in June!
You don’t want to miss this meeting!

Upcoming Workshop

Upcoming workshop with Gabriela Maya! Sign up below:

ZOOM Workshop with Gabriela Maya, Artist, Animator, Editor from Mexico City
Thursday February 25th, 7:00 PM
Details: The art of Japanese graphic novels and animation transformed into modern day story lines and characters from scroll drawing. Innovative method to view your drawings and paintings. Senor Maya will guide attendees through this historic contour drawing process. In this workshop, Gbriella will guide each artist through the 3 step process: Action/Sequence/Consequence
Materials:  rectangular sketch pad, tape, drawing implements.
Who Can attend: Artists of any level accepted.
People will view their work from a totally different perspective.
 Cost: $15.00 BAS Members   $20.00 Non-Members
Happy 146th Year BAS!

Happy 146th Year BAS!

New year time to reflect on the past year and to express gratitude for our 146th year. BAS pivoted and made progress through the pandemic! Thank you all for submitting art and attending our meetings via ZOOM and all exhibits!
I am grateful for each and every one of you BAS Members!
Grateful to your BAS Executive committee:
Helena Bosse, VP
Janice Janostack, Treasurer
Peg Hanson, Secretary
Rose White, Membership
Karen Baron, Historian
Alison Dibble, Member at large
Nancy Tang, Web Mistress
Jennifer de Lannee, volunteer member

There are two committee seats available currently and I encourage you all to volunteer! This is a great opportunity to expand leadership experience! Contact me or any member above if you are open to joining Executive committee. Remember officer elections are in May, 2021.
Grateful to James Toothacker, Scholarship Director and Lynn Higgins, Book keeper., Josh Gass, Bangor Arts Exchange, Lee Umphrey, CEO EMDC.
Asking for all to share BAS activities with all your artist friends and patrons!!! Ask them to check us out on social media and website!
Anyone who recruits 3 new BAS members will receive a free membership for 2021!
Executive committee voted to increase BAS Membership cost to $45 beginning Jan 2021.
Everyone who renewed this past fall is grandfathered into this new year!

Thank you! See you at the meeting on the 26th!
Teddi-Jann Covell

Bangor Art Society’s Members Show 2021

Bangor Art Society’s Members Show 2021

Bangor Art Society’s Members’ show will take place at The Rock & Art Shop, Central Street, Bangor. All Members may enter one piece of work no larger than 11″ x 14″ and it’s FREE to all paid members! Art intake is Sunday Feb. 7th from noon til 4:00 PM.
There are 3 AWARDS for 5 categories plus BEST OF SHOW:
1. Oils/Acrylic
2. Watercolors
3. Drawing, (graphite, pastels, colored pencil)
4. Photography
5. Other(mixed media, sculpture, 3-D, print-making, etc).

RECEPTION & AWARDS ceremony with be a live on-line virtual presentation on Bangor Art Society Facebook page on February 10th at 5pm.

Judges: Aaron Pyle and Sara Belisle, from the Zillman Art Museum, University of Maine.

Art pick up will be on Monday morning January 15th 10:00 AM-Noon!
Take your Valentine, friends, family to Rock & Art Shop to buy their gift that will always be with them long after the romantic day of the year!!
Price your work to sell and remember the R & A has a 60%-40% policy. 60% to artists!
Many many thanks to Annette and all owners and staff at R & A!!!!

If the piece sells and is to be shipped, the artist is responsible for collecting shipping fees & shipping the work.

1st Bangor Art Society ZOOM Meeting of 2021!

1st Bangor Art Society ZOOM Meeting of 2021!

1st Bangor Art Society
ZOOM Meeting of 2021!
Featuring Artist Gabriela Maya
Tuesday, January 26th 6:00 PM EST

This will be a 1st for Bangor Art Society…Our 146th year KICK OFF with an International ARTIST!
I met Senora Gaby 4 years ago at a “Comic Book” Conference in San Diego, CA. She lives in Mexico City, Mexico. Ms. Maya is a well know artist for her “Gaby Cat” animation drawings and paintings, but she is best known for her work with bringing & teaching the art of animation and introducing the Japanese “Manga” drawing process to Mexico. With the global technology of Facebook, Gabriela and I have managed to stay connected. I am proud to announce that Gabriela Maya will rock this exhilarating 2021 with her international art expertise as the Bangor Art Society’s Inaugural speaker!
Make sure you ZOOM in with a sketchbook and drawing/painting implements of your choice. She will talk, we will view a video and then create! This will get us all off to a rocking new year!. .





Paint Bangor “Wet Paint” Live On-Line Auction event Friday, November 13, 7:00 PM.

Bidding begins at 7:15 PM.

Preview of all work Wednesday, 5:00 PM will be on Bangor Art Society’s Facebook page.

BAS Members Registration fee: $10.00/ Non Members fee: $20.00
Two entries per Artist: 1 for live auction: (no size restriction), 1 entry for silent auction: (no larger than 11″ x14″).
Art should be dropped off at Eastern Maine Development Corporation, 41 Harlow Street, Bangor on Friday November, 6th between 10:00 AM -3:00 PM.
Bidders are requested to register with email, and phone numbers. Bidders are requested to check-In via FB messenger prior to 6:30 PM.
More info TBA

Open Juried Show Gallery Coming Soon….

Show Gallery Coming soon…..

Over the course of the next few weeks, we will be creating a gallery that will offer all of the works in the show for sale. Please be patient with us as we must add over 130 pieces to the site.

A note to the artists: all of the pieces will not show up at the same time, so if you see the gallery, but don’t see YOUR piece, please don’t email asking why.  We can only add one at a time, and as they are added, they automatically show up in the gallery. Answering questions about the gallery will slow down the process of creating it.